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To Tell My Story, Where Do I Begin?

One of my most enduring childhood memories is the sound of my father’s typewriter, early in the morning. Up at the crack of dawn, he would write before going to work. Life lesson learned: Art is 10% inspiration, 30% perspiration, and 60% tireless dedication.

Duh! How ’bout at the beginning…

My story starts in Cyprus, in the previous millennium, when – in elementary school –  my teachers said that I had a gift for “writing compositions.”

I call it genetics.

I come from writer stock, you see. I was raised in a home that looked like a library and felt like a centre for artists, intellectuals, academics, thespians, spiritual seekers. Dad is the renowned Cypriot novelist and playwright Panos Ioannides, Mom wrote professionally as a radio producer, her sister Avra Katsouri is an amazing poet, one grandma was a teacher, and the other an avid reader.

We all had books on the brain and ink for blood. As a result, my brother, now an award-winning publisher, and I ended up in the writing racket —  forever racking our brains for words. A Sisyphean labour it may be, but doing something other than was never an option for me. The sins of the father are passed on indeed! And so, I write.

In this blog about nothing in particular, I will share musings — some hot off my mind’s press, some published, some unpublished. Short stories, narrations, articles, reviews, scribblings about anything that sets my wheels in motion…

Net-surfers, plunge into the depths of my mind, if you dare. You may be amused or saddened, surprised or shocked by all that swims around in there. (Noticed how I made that rhyme?)

Written by Irena Joannides
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