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“Upon Myth Life Hangs” – A Deeper Reading

Published in In Focus, Sept. 2016. Life does hang by that silver cord of maya  that Avra Katsouri scales in this reflection on Existence. Beyond the delight of its images and language, her poetic offering affirms at once the profundity and the lightness of being. Upon Myth Life Hangs is given as a wholehearted hosanna to Creation. Her… Continue reading “Upon Myth Life Hangs” – A Deeper Reading

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Literary Translation: A Personal Approach

do not like over-analyzing what I do or how I do it, since my diverse and lifelong experience with the creative process in many media has shown me, time and again, that the more cerebral the process, the less successful the result. Like any form of creative writing, translation needs to be inspired and driven by subconscious, intuitive operations, albeit organized by rigorous analysis.

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Seth-Adrian Harris: Flash Impressions of Poetry-Magic

The following introduction to Seth-Adrian Harris' poetry was first published in In Focus, Vol. 12, No 1, March 2015. Seth-Adrian Harris is a poet enamoured and empowered of the word like few others. It seems that the word is, for him, tantamount to the primordial act of creation. Perhaps this is why he often reduces language to its most… Continue reading Seth-Adrian Harris: Flash Impressions of Poetry-Magic

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To Tell My Story, Where Do I Begin?

Duh! How 'bout at the beginning... My story starts in Cyprus, in the previous millennium, when – in elementary school –  my teachers said that I had a gift for "writing compositions." I call it genetics. I come from writer stock, you see. I was raised in a home that looked like a library and felt… Continue reading To Tell My Story, Where Do I Begin?