Amazon to the rescue

I have been writing all my life. My work has been published in anthologies, magazines, literary journals, and stand-alone volumes. Problem with oldskool print publications is that copies are hard to find and, sometimes, out of print. In essence, the work becomes inaccessible or lost.  Amazon to the rescue! I decided to start digitizing my… Continue reading Amazon to the rescue

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“Upon Myth Life Hangs” – A Deeper Reading

Published in In Focus, Sept. 2016. Life does hang by that silver cord of maya  that Avra Katsouri scales in this reflection on Existence. Beyond the delight of its images and language, her poetic offering affirms at once the profundity and the lightness of being. Upon Myth Life Hangs is given as a wholehearted hosanna to Creation. Her… Continue reading “Upon Myth Life Hangs” – A Deeper Reading

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Mother Meera: Beholding the Divine Feminine

Published in Paradigm Shift Magazine, Issue 72 (UK), June 2015. Wonder and mystery linger within me of the encounter with Mother Meera. I knew little about her and, when the opportunity to see her arose, I refrained from doing research; I wanted to remain as free of expectations as possible. What occurred, I could never… Continue reading Mother Meera: Beholding the Divine Feminine

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Journey to the Sacred: Encounter with John of God, the Miracle Man of Brazil

I first heard about John of God a decade ago from a friend who had accompanied his terminally ill uncle to Brazil, in search of a miracle.