Amazon to the rescue

I have been writing all my life. My work has been published in anthologies, magazines, literary journals, and stand-alone volumes. Problem with oldskool print publications is that copies are hard to find and, sometimes, out of print. In essence, the work becomes inaccessible or lost. 

Amazon to the rescue!

I decided to start digitizing my work (mostly the published, as well as some of the unpublished), into a series of e-books of various sizes that I will make available to readers through Kindle, preserving it, with any luck, for posterity. 

The publication process has begun with my feature article on John of God – a favourite among readers. Now available from Amazon. Check it out!

Written by Irena Joannides

Irena Joannides is an award-winning content creator, writer, editor, filmmaker, and literature translator. To cut a long life story short, she writes.
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